We are proud to be able to provide funding to The Prostate Centre again this year, and we're relying on your participation.  Pledges go directly to the Prostate Centre, to fund their much needed work.

"As a prostate cancer survivor, I am delighted that the money raised will help support the good work done by The Prostate Centre. As I went through my journey with prostate cancer, I benefitted hugely from the nurse counseling program and support group meetings they provide.
I commend MAXIMUS Canada for sponsoring this event and the good work it does in our Victoria community."

-Gerry McQuade

Currently, 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, the leading type of cancer in men.  In 2012, it was estimated that 25,000 Canadian men would be diagnosed with prostate cancer, with 4100 dying from the disease.

To support this demographic of men, The Prostate Centre offers a number of programs and services including community education, awareness and outreach, patient counseling and follow-up, collaboration and research and more. A not-for-profit staffed primarily by volunteers, The Prostate Centre is the only centre of its kind in Canada.

In 2013, The Prostate Centre:

  • Fielded 3,500 phone calls
  • Responded to 9,000 emails
  • Advised 800 men who visited the clinic

To learn more about The Prostate Centre please visit their website.

You can also donate directly to The Prostate Centre via CanadaHelps. From The Prostate Centre profile page, click Donate Now, then select the amount you want to give. Don't forget to select UrbaCity 2014 from the drop-down menu!

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In Support of The Prostate Centre


Donations and Pledges

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Presented by MAXIMUS Canada

Presented by MAXIMUS

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