On your Mark

Starting at Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre, all teams will meet and get all the items they need to start their adventure! Check-in will occur from 8:30 - 9:00 am, and all teams must have already registered online and raised their fundraising pledge amount by this time.

Get Set

UrbaCity 2014 will begin with a pre-event special contest and festivities at 9:20 am followed by an official welcome, warm-up and rules. Official race start will be 10:15am.


The event will start with a mass start - an "all-play" high energy, high impact challenge inside the arena!

After successful completion of the mandatory start challenge, teams will be given their Race Course and Clue Sheets and will be able to start their strategic planning and move on and out to embrace their urban adventure!

Timing Is Key

Teams will have about four hours to complete as many challenges within the time limit. For every minute after 2:15 pm, teams will be allowed to finish but will be considered late and no longer in the running for awards. So watch your time!

Victory - How to Win!

To win your category you must:

  1. Cross the finish line in time (max 4 hours)
  2. Complete ALL your specific Challenge Stations
  3. Complete the mystery finish challenge

Race tabulators will confirm the completion of all Challenge Stations (through passports and bibs verification) and deduct from your finish time any time deduction bonus or "skip tokens" based on any fundraising pledge levels you’ve successfully met. See the Pledge Bonuses and Prizes page to learn more.

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In Support of The Prostate Centre


Donations and Pledges

$ 20000
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$ 37200
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Presented by MAXIMUS Canada

Presented by MAXIMUS

Course by Pinnacle Pursuits

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