There are four different race categories to choose from, including Brawn Zone, Brain Zone, Ultra Racer Zone and the new “Corporate Face-Off” category for 2014. Registration will be limited in each category so register early to guarantee a spot in your race of choice.

Brain Zone

Looking to test your mind?

Flex your brain cells with the Brain Zone! This category emphasizes thinking and problem solving challenges while providing shorter distances between challenges than the other categories.

Team Size: Two People
Minimum Team Fundraising Pledge: $100

Brawn Zone

Want to get physical?

Get ready to run, jump, lift, and pull! Providing teams with a more physically demanding race, the majority of Brawn Zone challenges will be active challenges.

Team Size: Two People
Minimum Team Fundraising Pledge: $100

Ultra Racer Zone

Do it all! The Ultra Racer Zone combines Brain with Brawn, and adds an even longer course. Time to start training - this course is not to be underestimated!

Team Size: Two People
Minimum Team Fundraising Pledge: $100

Corporate Face-Off

Think your business has got the guts to go head-to-head with other Victoria companies? The Corporate Face-Off pits software developers against accountants, construction workers against servers, retail staff against gardeners and more. Who will come out on top with bragging rights?

Corporate teams are made up of four people, and are a perfect team building exercise. Members will need to complete challenges in both the Brain and Brawn category to win the day. Find out more.

Team Size: Four People
Minimum Team Fundraising Pledge: $400


The race was fun and gave me the opportunity to get to know Victoria better. We traveled a long distance hitting as many check points as we could. The challenges were very interesting and quite challenging mentally and/or physically.

I got to know my partner (co-worker) a lot better as we worked together to complete the race. At the check points we had the opportunity to meet other racers and the volunteers at the check point. The race was stimulating from the beginning to the end.

Most important to me is that I was able to give back to the community... be involved in an event that is for a great cause - supporting Prostate Cancer. UrbaCity Challenge brings a variety of people together to have fun and support Prostate Cancer.

Few words describing UrbaCity Challenge.....challenging, fun, exciting, social, positive!!!
-Parm Ollek

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In Support of The Prostate Centre


Donations and Pledges

$ 20000
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