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In 2011, Duff Lang, President of MAXIMUS Canada, wanted to found a new fundraising event to support cancer research and treatment. He had a few caveats:

  • It had to be unique
  • It had to show off downtown Victoria
  • It had to involve the staff of MAXIMUS Canada

After many discussions and planning the idea for a strategic adventure race, held in downtown Victoria and run by MAXIMUS volunteers was developed.

Since the first Victoria UrbaCity Challenge in 2011, the event has grown annually. Every June, UrbaCity participants, volunteers, and supporters streaming take Victoria's streets by storm.

For 2014, UrbaCity brought in a new course designer and named a new race director. If you’ve raced the UrbaCity challenge before, this year will be different. Some of the changes you can expect:

  • All new and exciting challenges, designed by Pinnacle Pursuits
  • An original route with unique downtown locations
  • New competitors!
  • Corporate Division for teams of four!

What about that name?




Extreme pride in one’s city

With all there is to love about Victoria, there might be more UrbaCity here than anywhere else in Canada! Since the race is all about downtown Victoria and city pride, the name was a perfect fit.


UrbaCity Challenge is such a fantastic event. The race itself is fun yet challenging; I realized quite quickly that I don’t know this city as well as I thought I did and could definitely use a refresh on my map reading skills. The challenges themselves were very clever; you could tell there was a lot of thought and effort put in to each and every one. We powered through the race in The Ultimate Category, we completed almost every challenge and made it to most of the check points and had a great time doing it!

I think the most important part for us was involving ourselves in such a great cause. I really admire our company and pride myself on being part of all the fantastic things that we do.
-Leila George

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In Support of The Prostate Centre


Donations and Pledges

$ 20000
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Presented by MAXIMUS Canada

Presented by MAXIMUS

Course by Pinnacle Pursuits

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